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Thank you to all who uploaded pictures,
including Tom Jackson, Monica and Ling Bickham.
A special thank you to Diane Hardy Troy, Polly Brown Fikse, Dan Wilhelm, Trish Conover Hare, Nancy Widman Prostko, Chal McCombs, Ann Talman, Marianne Senko Segool, Steve Stoessel, Craig Brook, Bill Wells, Rob Main, Barbara Spotz Johnson, Jerry Clark and all the others, not named, who put in so much effort to make this a fantastic reunion.

Let's do it again, but next time, we'll have it catered so Polly and Diane can get a break.

Tour of the High School, Upper St Clair and West End overlook:

Gilfillan Farm:



Events to register:
  • Pirates game - Friday
  • High school tour Saturday 10:45am - noon.
  • Extended USC and South Side Tour - Saturday, noon to 2pm.
  • Reunion Party at Gilfillan Farm 4-10pm Saturday

Thank you to the following classmates who contributed an additional $1255.00 for our reunion.

Diane Hardy Troy
Barbara Liggett Rutter
Steven Cerveris
Brian Joseph
Steve Crandall
Ronald Sekinger
Juliet Bozzo Denise
Leslie Caldwell
W. Scott Deal
Leslie Black Trow
Lori Anderson Popkowski
Susan Harmon Bauer
Bill Wells
Nancy Hathaway Sacunas
Patricia Kaufmann Ambler
Bruce Marks
Ralph Trentadue
Cherie Funk Galantis
Trish Conover Hare
Ann Duthie Crafton
Bruce Rackley
Charles Stankus
Gerald Clark


Karen Anderson 
Jim Boyd 
Jenny Brooker 
Linda Brown 
Albert Burki 
Susan Caldwell 
Sonja Cary 
James Carol 
Matt Christovich 
Octavio Cruz 
Lance Curtis 
Gregory Dean 
Sheila Dilley 
Barbara C. Finch 
Lora R. Fittro 
Glenn Gable 
Peter Haggerty 
Carol Hurbanek Carter
Pamela Hyder 
Karen Jamison 
Bruce Johnson 
Judith Jones 
Bijana Jovanovic 
David Keay 
Greg Kingsolver 
Steve Letters 
Victoria Macdonald 
Deanna Marie 
Sherrie Maupin 
Susan McMullen Donalo
Linda McQuaide 
George Moore 
Thomas Moran 
Frank  Murphy 
Sue Nichol 
Vicki Poole Thompson
Jane Ryder Sun
Robert Schaefer 
Larry Scharno 
Theresa M. Schroeder 
Jeffrey S. Seidel 
Patricia Simms Miller
Karen Stayduhar 
Kara Stenger Dyke
Scott Stone 
Edward Sunderland 
Claire Swann 
Jacqueline Szeligo Milliron
Patricia Tomnay 
Robert Wagner 
Edward Walker 
Mark Wehrman 
Timothy Wetzel 
Jeff Wilcox 
Pamela Wilcox 

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It is too late to send in your check, but it's not too late to come to the reunion. We want everyone to come if they can make it.

Latest info on the Reunion Weekend
USCnow USCnow

Friday September 11th:
Bucs vs. Brewers

PNC Park 7:05 game time. Pick up your ticket from Chal Or Tom Griffith at Atria's by the Clemente Statue and bridge from 6-7:30pm. - cost is $15 - and It's T-Shirt night.
USCnow We will be sitting in the left field bleachers, section 238 and have access to the the Hall of Fame Club underneath the scoreboard.
We can use the nearby indoor/ outdoor area of the Hall of Fame bar in left field - no charge. Belly up to the bar and get your own beer and walk back and forth to the seats or wonder around the park.

Due to the overwhelming response, an additional 23 tickets were purchased September 9th, in section 331. Which is one level up, accessible by elevator from the Hall of Fame Club, from the rest of the crew in section 238, where we have 62 tickets for a total of 85 tickets.
Choose the section you would like, but it is first come first served on arrival at the Stadium.
click on the seating chart below.

In PNC park, the highest seat in the stadium is only 88 feet from the field.

PNC park seating - pnc

interactive map - click on the section for seat view

Note: Friday is 9/11 and there will be delays downtown with commemorative events. Along with a City wide prayer gathering at 6pm at Point State Park. Also the Clemente Bridge is closed during the pirate game.


Saturday September 12th:
Tour of the High School

Saturday September 12th:
Tour of the High School
Updated: September 10th

There are some changes from the original itinerary:

We will meet at the high school Middle entrance at 10:00 am to tour the high school (about 1 hour).
Then after the high school tour, we will take the bus on the extended tour which will include some new sights in Upper St Clair, including the new rec center near Mayview. We will then continue on to The new North Shore and the south side – Arriving back to the High School at 1:00pm.

These changes were made to allow some who may have wanted to come, but were helping out - to still come to the tour and have time to help at the farm, or to go back to your hotel to freshen up.

Up to 44 can go on the bus so if you know of anyone else who wants to come, just let us know.

Use the registration form at the website.

The tours are free events & we still have many seats open

Thank you to Dr Patrick O'Toole - Supt.
Dr. Lou Angelo - HS Principal
and Tom Labanc our tour guide.



USCnowSaturday September 12th:
Reunion at Gilfillan Farm

4pm - 10pm

Cost is $60 per person

We are doing a pig roast at the farm. Which will also include chicken and side dishes. Assorted beverages along with beer and wine. We will also have a DJ.
Once registered, we will have a name tag for you at the farm.

Directions: going south on route 19 make the right on Orr road, just before Westminister Chruch -and first gate on the right about 80 feet up Orr road.

If there are any special requests, please let us know.
This is a very relaxing venue where we can all get a chance to reconnect.
 Setup for volunteers will begin at noon and the fun starts at 4pm,
until the music stops at 10.

Send Checks to:

payable to "USC Class of '75" c/o Diane Troy at 502 Sunset Cove Court, Seneca, SC 29672

Please send in your check so it may be received by September 8th.

  • $15 per person for the Pirates game
  • $60 per person for Gilfillan Farm

** we are also taking contributions to cover any additional costs and to support those who can not afford the fee, but would like to attend. **

Help Needed:

If you would like to help or have a suggestion, please let us know

Some of the Tasks that require help:

  • 10-15 volunteers to help with day-of set up, reception, remembrances,..
  • Setup a table that honors those of our classmates who have passed
  • A group of people to help with cleanup.

If you can think of something else you can help with. Please let us know.


* we need a “communal effort” for our pig roast/beer bash.*

Hotels for the Reunion weekend


Other Hotel Options with high ratings


Many Classmates are staying at the Crowne Plaza on Ft. Couch road across from the mall for the reunion (Sept 12th). Reserve a room by calling 412-833-5300.
Cancellation policy: able to cancel up to 6pm day of arrival.


Hope everyone is planning to come to our 40th reunion! You could probably walk from the hotel to the reunion at the farm! .
Diane has ordered a shuttle for the people staying at Crowne Plaza to take us to the Farm and Back - pick up at 3:45 and a 4:00 p.m. and then a pick-up at the farm at 10:00 p.m. and 10:20 p.m. We can add another shuttle if we end up with more people at the hotel if the shuttle is available - The shuttle will seat 11 people. Please let Diane know if you will be using the shuttle.

The Reunion Continued

The conversation his continuing on the Upper St Clair High School Class of '75 Facebook Page.


For anyone coming in early for Reunion Weekend, a group of people are going to meet at The Bottle Shop in Bridgeville
on Thursday Night to watch the Steelers beat the Patriots. Spread the word.

Diane Troy stated on 11/5/14 - Hi Everyone!
Polly has reserved the Gilfillan Farm for our 40th Reunion for September 12, 2015. There have been some recent reunions at the Farm and it seems to me that this is the perfect venue! But, we need lots of help trying to get the reunion going. The first is to get the word out and mark your calendar. Please respond if you can help out in any way in planning of the reunion.


From Dan Wilhelm: Thanks, Diane and Polly, for all your help in launching us. We are on our way.
Our hope is to enjoy celebrating 40 years, reconnect throughout the year ahead, renew relationships, expand the organizing group, stage a successful event and increase turnout.

- Join in the conversation -

Please we need your help

We have a few volunteers already, but never enough - we would like your help - if you want to help and have some things you would like to do, please let us know.

The Class of 74 and 73 had their reunions at Gilfillans farm and had a great time - See some of the pictures from the class of 74 reunion
Rob Main had a great idea - for each of us to Write about one of the most memorable experience in high school? I think that would be so cool to read and reflect back on those days. If anyone wouild like to participate, then email your most memorable experience in high school to the link below and we will start a page on the website. We have also added to the "We Remember When" section a "most memorable high school experience" section if you would like to add there.

Who's Coming

Barbara Aaron Cheroke
Susan M. Abbott
Cheryl Albera Coyle
Lori Anderson Popkowski
Jonathan Bickham
Leslie Black Trow
Lynne Blasche
Anita Bogush Swarner
Tamara Boyce Maiolie
Juliet Bozzo Denise
Beverly Brightsen Ornik
Gordon Brightsen
Craig Brook
Peter Brooks
Polly Brown Fikse
Vivian Brunk
Leslie Caldwell
Dave Carson
Sue Castriota
Steven Cerveris
Michele Charlem Serra
Leslie Christ Stiffler
Gerald Clark
Steve Colditz
Trish Conover Hare
Steve Crandall
Paul Curry
W. Scott Deal
Scott Denoma
Ed Douthett
Gary Durst
Ann Duthie Crafton
David Dye
Richard Ellis
Doug Fikse
Richard Finder
Daniel Flatz
Beverlee T. Forster
Dave Freeman
Cherie Funk Galantis
Lisa Galbreath Richards
Karna C. Goldsmith
Thomas Gorman
Tom Griffith
Margaret Gustafson Truitt
James Haley
Diane Hardy Troy
Harry Hardy
Susan Harmon Bauer
Mary Hassett Elam
Nancy Hathaway Sacunas
Vicki Hettman Olson
Gregory Dean Hough
Genevieve Hughes Buhlinger
Richard Hughes
Eric Johnson
Nancy Jones Burdette
Brian Joseph
Patricia Kaufmann Ambler
Tracey Keener Adleta
Karen Kelso
Monica Kenny Leary
Kathryn Kienholz Richardson
Maribeth Kohler McCarl
Ellen Kramer
Gregory Laderer
Kimberly Lennox Gittman
Elizabeth Lesica Mueller
Barbara C. Liggett Rutter
Robert Main
Bruce Marks
Mary McBride Bingham
Chal McCombs
W. Donald McNary
Pat McShane
Andy Meyer
Sharon Newcomer Curry
Janie O'Connor Davis
Julie Pintar
Kimberly Pinto Anderson
Bruce Rackley
Kurt Radke
Amy Reed Shorts
Christine Regan Rause
Jack Repcheck
Mark Rezac
Mimi Rice Staaf
Susan Richmond
Kim Rieck Fisher
Gloria Roman
Roger Rumer
Deborah Ruppen Lovejoy
Paul Salera
Michael Salvatore
Chris Sassouni
Deborah Scalise
Kathy Schilbe Lesser
Thomas Schmidt
Linda Schuman
Ronald Sekinger
Marianne M. Senko Segool
Ronald Shorts
Virginia Siedle Bruschi
Barbara Spotz Johnson
Charles Stankus
Alice Stemann Swan
Steve Stoessel
Leo Subler
Ann Talman
Jeffrey Thompson
Ralph Trentadue
Sally Vestich Loy
Dana Volpe DeBacker
Dave Watson
Bill Wells
Nancy Widman Prostko
Dan Wilhelm
Cynthia Williams Zemanski
Michael Zaremba
Gary Zemanski
total: 120
Let's Notify All Our Classmates of the Reunion

login to view a more detailed video

Gilfillan Farm

we have several former classmates who live far away and would like to come, but just can't.

As Ted Metrose said "I live way out in Hawaii so I really do not have much of an opportunity to make it back to Pittsburgh. Thanks just the same and I hope you all have a great time. Maholo, Ted "

So, It would be nice to have a picture from them and a 'Hi to the reunion' and something about yourself and we could post this at the reunion. If you would like to do this, just send the pic and the narrative and I will compile to display. There are many people who would love to see you and this will give you a bit of a presence.


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