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Vicki Mascaro Hanna 4/2/2017 Heard from Vicki after our 40th and she sent this picture and writeup - so nice to see. 3/1/2017 Classmates Today
Scott Deal The Revenant music 2/27/2016 Scott Deal The Revenant music - published 2/26/2016 - and - 2/26/2016 Classmates Today, accomplishments
Johnston Elementary School 1967-68, Mrs Lohr's class - 5th grade 9/22/2015 row 1: Eileen Fabian, Rob Brown, Mrs Lohr, Gregg Laderer, Ellen? ___ row 2: Darlene Swackhamer , Bill Couch, Andy Meyer, Melinda V, Row 3: Sue McGrath, Jerry Clark, Sarah Humphries? , Mike Salvatore, Dana Volpe row 4: Barbara Spotz, ?, Gerri Siren, Bob Wagner , Cindy Aspiotes, Jeff Thompson, Charlotte Lippke row 5: Cheryl B , Patty Jones, Michalene, Susan Hornak?, Karna Goldsmith 1/1/1968 School Years
Lunch in Amsterdam, Tracey and Patty - 2015 8/24/2015     Classmates Today
Commencement Announcement 8/22/2015 Scanned copy of commencement announcement   School Years
Susan Burns author at Biz 941 6/6/2015 Susan Burns is an author at Biz 941 -   Classmates Today, accomplishments
Book by Marti Weaver 6/6/2015 Book by Marti Weaver   Classmates Today, accomplishments
1974-75 Chanteclairs 3/3/2015 Row 4: Don Huffner,?, Howard Johnson, ?,?, Jeff Thompson Row 3:?,?,?, Kevin Repcheck, Steve Cerveris, Mr. Robert Gielas Row 2: ?,?, Barb Spotz, Kathy Walsh, Gayle Gwennap, Sharon Newcomer, Connie Endres Row 1:Kimberly McGill, Rita Jackson, Ann Talman, ?, Dana Volpe, Kyle McComb 1/1/1975 School Years
Actors Ann Talman and Elizabeth Taylor 2/15/2015 Actors Ann Talman and Elizabeth Taylor during a break in rehearsals for the Broadway revival of the play - The Little Foxes in New York. - See more of Ann at   accomplishments
Friends getting together 12/16/2014 May 2014 - Tracey Keener Adleta, Sharon (Newcomer) Curry & Patty Kaufmann Ambler.   Classmates Today
Thank you Pat & Inga for hosting the tailgate party 12/4/2014 Oct 2010 - 35 year reunion weekend - Steeler Tailgate party hosted by Pat & Inga McShane.   Classmates Today, Reunion, 35 Yr
Bobbi Hendrickson 11/30/2014 Bobbi Hendrickson Coffin Walker on the big board in Times Square   accomplishments
Bruce Marks in Russia 11/5/2014 Also see Bruce Marks on Fox 29 as an expert on Russia/Chechnya and Boston bombing.   Classmates Today, accomplishments
Leslie Calwell Assistant Attorney General 10/25/2014 Leslie R. Caldwell was confirmed as the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division on May 15, 2014. As head of the Criminal Division, Ms. Caldwell oversees nearly 600 attorneys who prosecute federal criminal cases across the country, help develop criminal law and formulate criminal enforcement policy. She also works closely with the nation's 93 United States Attorneys in the investigation and prosecution of criminal matters in their districts.   Classmates Today, accomplishments
Tom Griffith 10/23/2014 Tom has been in broadcasting for the past 35 years, the last 25 at WMUR-TV. He has been at the anchor desk longer than anyone in WMUR-TV history. Read more:   Classmates Today, accomplishments
Grade 6 class, 1969 10/23/2014 Grade 6 class, 1969 Row 1: unknown, Roger Griffith, Laurie Brown, Howard Johnson Row 2: Sandy Gustafson, Tracey Keener, Ann Talman, Jody Determann Row 3: Kim Jenkins, Leslie Christ, Cindy Aspiotis, Sherri Albert Row 4: unknown, Gregg Hough, Terri Deger, Juliet Bozzo Row 5: Cecilia Hart, Lisa Galbreath, Kathy Stevens, Barb Liggett - Thank you Jody Determann for these pictures   School Years
1975 Pantherettes 10/22/2014 1975 Pantherettes Cynthia Dorazio & Karen Mcsteen   School Years
Design work by David Freeman class of 1975 10/22/2014 to your right you will see the Type 1C submersible. I have been working on this prototype for the past 5 years. This will be the first sub to go to production with in the next few years.   accomplishments
12/12/2013 - Jack, Dan, Jeff, Steve and Steve in Pgh for the Choral Alumni reunion 10/22/2014 12/12/2013 - Jack Repcheck, Dan Wilhelm, Jeff Thompson, Steve Cerveris and Steve Stoessel in Pgh for the Choral Alumni reunion. 12/12/2013 Classmates Today
Records 1 to 19 of 19
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